Raise Up for ELT! With James M. Taylor and Ilá Coimbra

This week we had a very special podcast recording thanks to the guys from the self published Raise Up! joining us for a chat.  We discussed all things ELT, diversity, inclusion and what is next for the Raise Up! book series.

The most important link in our show notes this week is the book itself - It costs a fiver, so go and buy it online, then let everyone know how you got on in class.

https://theteacherjames.com/2019/04/02/raise-up/ Buy the book!

You can follow the Raise Up! project on Twitter at


James M. Taylor's Twitter is https://twitter.com/theteacherjames and his website is https://theteacherjames.com He is also part of the TEFL Commute Podcast available here http://www.teflcommute.com/

Ilá Coimbra is on Twitter here https://twitter.com/ila_coimbra

The money raised from Raise Up! goes to support Casa 1, a community shelter in São Paulo set up to support those of the LGBTQIA+ community who are experiencing hardships.  You can read about Casa 1 at these links - LA Times and Equal Times.

Chris also mentions his article published in IATEFL Research Special Interest Group in February 2020 which can be viewed or purchased here.


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